Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > It's probably more useful to remember the last used
> > mode (which is what the plug-in does already).
> I think it would be even more useful to set the compose mode to the
> last used decompose mode, rather than the last used compose mode (if
> you get my meaning).

Well, this is doable but it would require closer interaction between
the two plug-ins. compose could read the last-used-parameters set by
decompose. A prerequisite for this would be to let the two plug-ins
share a common header.
> > As I said, IIRC there's already some code that attempts to select the
> > layers called hue, value, saturation if you select HSV mode. It
> > doesn't seem to work very well though. We would happily accept a patch
> > that improves this.
> What should it do? Set the layers in function of the compose mode? If
> the mode is RGB to start with and I choose HSV, should I then re-set
> the layers I'll use?

That's what the plug-in should attempt to do for you.

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