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Before I get to todays announcement I need to clear up a possible misunderstanding about the Tiny-Fu plug-in. One person on #gimp thought they might lose the ability to use Script-Fu if they installed Tiny-Fu. Applying the patch file to hook Tiny-Fu in to a copy of the GIMP 2.1.x source tree DOES NOT remove the existing Script-Fu plug-in. Script-Fu and Tiny-Fu will happily co-exist with each other. The two plug-ins have different file names and use their own set of script files.

And now to todays announcement...

The third public release of a tarball for the Tiny-Fu plug-in for GIMP 2.1.x is now available. With this release, Tiny-Fu is essentially complete (ie. all of the core features are in place). The work on this plug-in now shifts mainly to testing, bug-fixing, and some changes/enhancements to the tsx extension.

The Tiny-Fu tarball is available for at:

Changes since the July 14, 2004 release:
o Added preliminary support for GIMP parasites.
o Added the re extension (regexp style pattern matching) to the build and install of Tiny-Fu.
o Added a page to the web site for FAQ's about Tiny-Fu.

I will be renaming the tsx extension shortly since I will be deviating from the original version of the extension. The plan is to include just the date/time and file related routines, use routines from glib to make the extension more portable to different platforms, rename some of the routines to be more in keeping with the PDB API naming system, and adding any missing routines (such as 'file-type') that are necessary or particularly useful.


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