> I want to define some constants related to file type for use in Tiny-Fu. My
> current thinking is to use FILE_TYPE_FILE (0), FILE_TYPE_DIR (1), and
> FILE_TYPE_LINK (2). The last one being for *nix systems only. Are
> there  any other file types that should be handled (ie. nodes on *nix
> systems)?

Maybe I have not given this enough thought, but I would opt for 
FILE_TYPE_NONEXISTANT (although this can hardly be called a "file" type) so 
there is some well-defined behaviour if the path to check points nowhere. 
Also, what happens with access permissions ("not readable")? The call should 
be well-defined in this case, too, so maybe (to cover both cases), there 
should be some "FILE_TYPE_ERROR" and other predicates to check for 

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