"Alastair M. Robinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sure, but the plugin will depend on the implementation of the other
> stages.  The guts of the plugin, thanks to lcms, will be pretty
> trivial - far simpler than the separate plugin; the most important
> factor will be the design of its user interface, and supporting
> factors, e.g. do we support tagging images both with an actual
> profile, or with the filename of a profile, and such like.

Well, adding a few gimprc options takes a couple of minutes only and
that should be all that is needed for now.

We already support tagging images with a profile. the suggested
parasite name for this is currently "icc-profile" and we should try to
keep this for backward compatibility. Of course we will need to define
some more parasites. Perhaps someone could sit down and propose the
parasites we will need for color management.

> There are a couple of other issues that might warrant discussion
> with the developers of lcms; how to go about comparing profiles for
> equality for instance (we want to be able to avoid converting
> between an embedded profile and the working space if they are in
> fact the same profile!)

Does lcms provide an API for this?


PS: I wonder if we should add the separate plug-in to the GIMP tarball
    for GIMP 2.2. Would you like to see that happening?
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