It would be nice to be prove wrong, but I am not aware of such a plugin.

Dave's (dcraw author) own "plugin" is just a simple "text like" interface o dcraw.
My work is based on PTJ rawphoto, but it is already much better, I believe. Have a look at
if you like.


David Neary wrote:

Sven Neumann wrote:

Joseph Heled <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

(repeat) I am developing a plugin which loads raw images from digital
cameras (CRW,NEF etc).

I might be wrong, but doesn't such a plug-in exist already?

One exists for dcraw (Canon's raw format). Don't know if that
would work on the other formats.

Shouldn't we consider including that in the main distribution for
2.2, since that type of format is now more & more widespread?
Who's the author?


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