Philip Lafleur wrote:
> In Linux  that is indeed the case, unfortunately, and as far as I know
> that document is probably the best source of help. I don't think the
> material from GUM, which is pretty outdated, suggests anything different
> - in fact, from looking it over, it appears that things are much simpler
> now than they were at the time it was written. Of course it doesn't mean
> that tablets can only be used with GIMP in Linux. It's just that, for
> example, in Windows there is no need for such a guide; I can use my
> tablet by just running gimp with the --use-wintab option. I can't really
> speak for any other OSes. 

Okay, thank you, I followed your advice and deleted all of the material on installing 
and configuring a tablet, replacing it with a pointer to the suggested web site. 

  -- Bill

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