On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 08:35:29PM -0400, Philip Lafleur wrote:
> William Skaggs wrote:
> >Well, the whole point of trying to use material from GUM is to
> >avoid unnecessary rewriting, but if that HOWTO is the best that
> >can be done, then the only conclusion is that using a tablet in
> >Gimp is only possible in Linux and only for adventuresome
> >people with strong computer skills.  That may be the case,
> >but I somehow thought that things were a little better.
> >
Why not adding a bibliography and pointing to the Linux wacom

Anyway, putting documents to the WIKI which need a big overhaul is a
nice idea. I'll have a look at the document. Maybe, we could document
only GIMP related topics and delegating basic tablet usage stuff to the
Wacom Howto.

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