"Alastair M. Robinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Is there any way of retrieving an image's parasites from within its
> display filters (i.e. can the filter reference the image), or am I
> limited to global parasites?

No, there isn't yet but this is one of the changes that I have
mentioned that need to be done to make color display filters useful.
> Has any thought been given to setting up global display filters so
> that the user doesn't have to select them for every newly-opened
> image?

The same answer applies here.

> Finally, someone (Sven?) mentioned something about widgets (or more
> precisely, the colour selectors) being able to make use of the
> display filters; how far has this progressed?

The display filter stack is in libgimpwidgets so it is useable from
the color selectors that are also in libgimpwidgets. What's missing
here is integrating the display filter routines to GimpColorArea,
GimpPreviewArea, GimpColorScale, ... This also depends on the
framework for global display filters mentioned above.

However I don't see a way how color selectors could be dependant on an
image. I don't think the image color profile can in any way be applied
to the color selectors. Simply because the color selectors don't know
about the image.

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