Simon Budig wrote:

However I don't see a way how color selectors could be dependant on an
image. I don't think the image color profile can in any way be applied
to the color selectors. Simply because the color selectors don't know
about the image.

One could assume a standard profile for the color selectors (sRGB?) and transform the color to the image profile when the tools accesses the foreground for painting in a specific image.

At this stage it has been decided that the core of GIMP shouldn't be affected by colour management issues - the general consensus is that such drastic changes should wait until GEGL time. This means that in general, images will have to share a common source colour-space for the time being. While I think this is less than ideal, I can live with it as long as changing the working profile isn't too much of a chore!

I also see no reason not to allow the source profile to be over-ridden by a parasite, so I'm encouraged that it will ultimately be possible for the display filter to retrieve them from the image. This will make some interesting tricks possible:

For example, the separate plugin has one mode in which it generates an RGB image with solid Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black layers, and places each plate's data in the layer masks. Each layer's mode is set to Darken Only, which gives a rudimentary full colour display of CMYK data. This is equivalent to the naive R=1-C style CMYK->RGB conversion, so it gives over-saturated results, but I've generated a source profile that significantly improves this display.

For tricks like this, it wouldn't matter one jot if the colour selector doesn't match the image display

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