Unlike previous years, this year there will be freely attendable .org
sessions on the linuxworldexpo.de, which is a great improvement over
previous yeras.

Unfortunately, these were added fairly late, and there are still free

I think it would be a great opportunity for some gimp developer (or a
technically unchallenged user :) to talk about gimp-2.x, the new features
and possibly future plans.

Except that it should be about The Gimp the topic and contents of the talk
could be chosen freely.

The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo will be held in Frankfurt, 26. -
28.10.2004, the free slots would be in the evening of the 26th and 27th,
from 18:00-19:00.

You can see the preliminary program schedule here:

You'd be in the company of talks about XBox-Linux (Jens Kühnel), KDE
(danimo), GNOME (Sven Herzberg), Debian (Alexander Schmehl) and the OSDL
Desktop Linux initiative.

If you are interested, please reply till tomorrow (yes, it's fairly late,


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