kingping does not want to discuss my bug report without some discussion
on this list.  i should have waited until mitch was around (i think).

anyways, i was discussing weird browser issues at the mozilla developer
day.  the only problem i have seen with ie and mozilla writing web pages
differently is in how they make tables.  ie needs more pixels for
whatever reason.  since a pixel is a pixel someone must have screwed up
somewhere and started counting pixels with "1" instead of "0".

i was playing with the ifscompose plug-in and noticed a difference in
the tutorial that owen wrote to go with the plugin:
http://www.gtk.org/~otaylor/IfsCompose/ifs_tutorial/tutorial.html and
the current plugin in which the first fractii now starts with 1 and not
with 0 the way owen wrote it.

any discussion of this will be endured. thanks,


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