Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Gimp-Print 5.0 isn't going to be in final release at that point, but
> it should be at beta-2 by then, and we've been putting a lot of bug
> fixes into our tree.  I don't think it's as stable as 4.2 yet, but
> it's not far shy.  We should be completely API-frozen at that point.
> We need to work out handoff of the plugin, as discussed.

Yep, sorry that I forgot to mention the print plug-in yesterday.
> The only API change we're looking at right now is adding
> dimension-valued parameters.  These are like numerical parameters,
> except that programs should present them in the appropriate units,
> such as inches, mm, points, furlongs, or whatnot.  The short-term
> reason for this is to allow precise registration of CD's.  We could
> either make the change and then hand it off, or we could hand it off
> and you could make the change.  Since the only real implication of
> this is for the UI, and it sounds like you're going to overhaul the
> UI, perhaps we should hand it off first.

GIMP has all this already, why would you want to deal with units in a
library such as gimp-print?

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