Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > I just tried the new photocopy, cartoon and softglow plug-ins, and 
> > IMHO, when compared to similiar ones, the correct colocation of them 
> > would not be in the "artistic" category. They'd better fall under 
> > "distorts", maybe with softglow going into "Light Effects"
> Artistic is perhaps not the right place (at least for Photocopy and
> Softglow, it makes a lot of sense for Cartoon) but why would you want
> to put them to Distorts? These plug-ins do not distort the pixels at
> all.

Softglow seems to fit into the "Light Effects" category, Cartoon might
as well be filed in the "Edge Detect" category, but "Artistic is OK as
well. Photocopy is tricky but I think the "Artistic" category doesn't
seem too off for me. I as well pondered about the "Colors" category.

Hmm. We could introduce a "Degrade" category (complementary to
"Enhance"), put all the "noise" plugins there and the Photocopy thing as

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