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Hi Joli,

Joli Ballew wrote:

I am Joli Ballew, coauthor of the upcoming O'Reilly book Windows Digital Media Hacks. I wrote a hack on GIMP, but my editor would like it to be "beefed up" a bit. It needs a hack angle, something that users won't readily recognize as something that's possible with the program, or something that's really unusual or off the wall.

Well, what are you starting from? When you say you wrote a hack,
do you mean something in script-fu, or perl-fu, or perhaps a C

The "Windows" part of "Windows Digital Media Hacks" limits this to Script-Fu and C... unless the hack consists of one of the other bindings.

I was hoping you could forward this email to someone at the company who can add the spice it needs to make it into the book. It shouldn't involve too much - the hack is written - it only needs the "hack" angle.

Well, show us the hack :)


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