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> This was an interesting plug-in, the latest one "more interesting" than the 

Thank you, the current version produces even "better" results (all sides are 
now drawn in correct order).

> Do you intend to have a user Dialogue interface for the plug-in?

Yes, now that I have got the basics somewhat right, the following parameters 
could be set/changed in a dialog:

*) height of pyramids  / random height? (boolean toggle)
*) size of pyramids 
*) viewing distance 
*) direction of light vector 

(later: pyramids/blocks; don't hide partially visible objects)

I still need to figure out useful default values for the settings (currently 
height = 80, size = 50, distance = 250, light vector = constantly changing to 
test the shading code, in the .c-file on the web it is (1,0,0), but need not 
be normalized).

If you are interested in coding up (parts of) the dialog, just fetch 
the .c-file from the web and insert the code wherever you see fit, I can 
merge your changes later with my own latest version.

The most appealing part of this task is probably the representation of the 
light vector - of course, 3 text-boxes each holding an integer would 
"suffice" (certainly for the initial version of the plug-in), but you may 
find an easy way to actually show and let users interactively edit the vector 
in pseudo-3D.

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