]> I use GIMP to touch up photos before projecting
]> them on a wall.  The washed out effect of a projector
]> might be nice to see while editing the image on 
]> a different device.  (i.e. use a filter to preview
]> approximately what it would look like being viewed 
]> with a different device).  
]> Maybe this is a different feature, but it seems
]> like some kind of display filter would be helpful
]> in this scenario.
]You should be able to achieve this using the proof display filter.
]All you need is an ICC color profile that simulates the projector.

What's the easy way to get an ICC color profile?
I'd like to look at an image on my display and 
on the wall simultaneously and tweak the profile
until the display matches the wall.  But I don't
see any kind of GUI to accomplish this.  Do I have
to create the profile by entering some numbers with 
a text editor? or am I missing something here?

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