just wanted to let everyone interested know that I started to add
code for color management to GIMP CVS. For now, all we have is a
configuration object that is supposed to be visible by the core,
modules and plug-ins. This is based on a patch that Stefan DÃhla
mailed me last year. The next steps I plan to do are:

- add a color management page to the preferences dialog

- establish a framework for passing the color management settings
  to modules and plug-ins

- give color display modules access to image parasites, or at least
  to the "icc-profile" parasite

- replacement of the proof display filter by a slightly more complex
  color display module that deals with monitor profile and printer
  profile based on the user's color management settings

- move the display color management module out of the display filter
  configuration dialog and add it automatically to all image displays

- use the cms module from all color areas and color selectors

- add a plug-in to apply color profiles

- deal with embedded color profiles on image load

- ...

So if you want to participate in this development or just check that
the right things are being done here, you should consider to follow
CVS. I also do not insist on doing all coding myself.  There are a
couple of tasks that could very well be "outsourced". Let me know if
you want to help.

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