Kai-Uwe Behrmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here comes what I have put in CinePaints standard plugin header :
> void       gimp_image_set_icc_profile_by_name (gint32   image_ID,
>                                                gchar   *data);

"data" is a filename ?

> void       gimp_image_set_lab_profile         (gint32   image_ID);
> void       gimp_image_set_xyz_profile         (gint32   image_ID);
> void       gimp_image_set_srgb_profile        (gint32   image_ID);

What are these? Setters without a value?

> char*      gimp_image_get_icc_profile_info    (gint32   image_ID);
> char*      gimp_image_get_icc_profile_pcs     (gint32   image_ID);
> char*      gimp_image_get_icc_profile_color_space_name  (gint32   image_ID);
> char*      gimp_image_get_icc_profile_device_class_name (gint32   image_ID);

Why are these functions part of the GimpImage API? They work on the
color profile, don't they? It should be sufficient to get access to
the profile, then use lcms API to retrieve that information.

> gint32     gimp_display_get_cms_intent        (gint32   display_ID);
> void       gimp_display_set_cms_intent        (gint32   display_ID,
>                                                gint32   intent);
> gint32     gimp_display_get_cms_flags         (gint32   display_ID);
> void       gimp_display_set_cms_flags         (gint32   display_ID,
>                                                gint32   flags);
> gint32     gimp_display_is_colormanaged       (gint32   display_ID);
> void       gimp_display_set_colormanaged      (gint32   display_ID,
>                                                gboolean True_False);
> void       gimp_display_all_set_colormanaged  (gboolean True_False);
> void       gimp_display_image_set_colormanaged(gint32   display_ID,
>                                                gboolean True_False);

I don't think it makes sense to expose CMS on the display level to
plug-ins. We will handle this with modules and modules don't use the

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