just FYI: we've by now done the discussed changes to the GPConfig
struct. GimpPreviewArea has been changed to make the checkerboard
pattern configurable and GimpDrawablePreview already passes the config
values to the preview area. What remains to be done is:

(1) Add a popup menu (to GimpPreview) that allows to configure the
    checkerboard per preview instance.

(2) Add another GimpPreview derived widget to libgimpui. That widget
    would be used from plug-ins such as the Plasma plug-in which don't
    need the GimpDrawablePreview functionality. The widget could be
    called GimpSimplePreview (an idea for a better name would be very
    much appreciated). It would embed a GimpPreviewArea in a sunken
    GtkFrame and it would take care of setting a proper size as well
    as configuring the preview area to the gimprc values.

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