here's another preview update for you. A while ago this has been
written here:

> (1) Add a popup menu (to GimpPreview) that allows to configure the
>     checkerboard per preview instance.

This has been done in the meantime. The menu API might need some
changes to allow for these menu items to be merged with other stuff
that might be useful for previews.

Other things that have happened with respect to previews:

 - previews now respect the selection
 - previews resize with the plug-in dialog
 - previews now have a navigation popup window like the one we have in
   the image window

> (2) Add another GimpPreview derived widget to libgimpui. That widget
>     would be used from plug-ins such as the Plasma plug-in which don't
>     need the GimpDrawablePreview functionality. The widget could be
>     called GimpSimplePreview (an idea for a better name would be very
>     much appreciated). It would embed a GimpPreviewArea in a sunken
>     GtkFrame and it would take care of setting a proper size as well
>     as configuring the preview area to the gimprc values.

This hasn't been done yet. Probably because it is still looking for a
reasonable name. Everything else would be trivial.

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