Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.1 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

This is primarily a maintenance release. It fixes a problem with the
definition of some constants used by the ftx extension, and includes an
improved contact sheet script. A more detailed list of changes appears below.

Three main tasks still remain to be done. These are updating the language
translation files, providing UTF-8 support in the TinyScheme interpreter,
and making a standalone version that can be built without the need to have
the full GIMP source tree.

Changes since the August 12, 2004 release:

o Changed the use of _ to - in the file type constants used in the ftx

o Removed the limit on the number of data cells available to the Scheme
interpreter (at the possible expense of some speed).

o All of the recent changes made by Michael Natterer to Script-Fu have been
applied to this release of Tiny-Fu. The most visible change is the use of
the new progress bar which eliminates all of the annoying pop-up windows
one used to get while running a script. Most of the other changes were some
internal clean ups of the code.

o An enhanced version of the contact sheet generation script is included.
The new version allows the user to select the sheet size, a font for
the sheet title and for the image titles, the colour for the text, and the
background colour of the sheet.


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