Sven wrote:
> Please comment on this proposal if you disagree with it or think there
> are important features missing that you are already working on. 

I don't disagree with it, but I wish you had mentioned specifically what I
consider the biggest issue of all:  bug #143668 (performance problems with
GtkUIManager), which on a slow machine can make GIMP pause for 20 sec or
more each time it creates an image.  (Almost all this time is spent building
the menus.)  It would be a nightmare to release 2.2 without major improvement 
in this respect.  The bug has been reassigned to Gtk+ rather than GIMP, but 
users aren't going to care.

Having spent some time on it myself, I think this bug is not going to
be easy to solve, so it is disturbing that nobody is paying attention
to it:  the bug report has not even been commented on in over two months.
If necessary I will take another shot at it myself, but I would prefer
not to, for two reasons:  first, I have been spending my time writing
Help docs, and I believe it is possible to get the English part in good
shape by the time 2.2 is released, but it will be much harder if I lose
1-2 weeks working on this bug; second, I don't really understand how 
the UI Manager works at all or how GIMP uses it.  

  -- Bill

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