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In a previous message written by Sven about preparing for GIMP 2.2, he wrote the following:

Script-Fu vs. Tiny-Fu

 We should come to a conclusion whether and how Tiny-Fu can replace
 Script-Fu. I'd suggest we make separate packages gimp-script-fu and
 gimp-tiny-fu and remove Script-Fu from the gimp tree.

This issue needs to be discussed now that Sven is trying to get the plans for GIMP 2.2 nailed down.

There are several issues here. Should Script-Fu be made a separate package outside of the main GIMP source tree? If not, is it time to replace Script-Fu with Tiny-Fu in the source tree? Should Tiny-Fu just be made a separate plug-in ready to be added to a GIMP install as/when scripting is needed?

In regards to Script-Fu vs. Tiny-Fu, I have had little feedback about the Tiny-Fu plug-in. I can think of one issue (getting a "No memory!" message when too many scripts are installed) that needs to be addressed for a GIMP 2.2 release. Other than this one point, I think Tiny-Fu is in a state where it could replace Script-Fu.

If it is felt Tiny-Fu isn't (or won't) be ready for 2.2 but would be soon after, the best approach may be to make Script-Fu a separate plug-in allowing Tiny-Fu to be dropped in later on (either as a separate plug-in or as part of the main GIMP package).

Replacing Script-Fu with Tiny-Fu could help push Tiny-Fu along a bit (ie. with translations) if it isn't fully ready yet by exposing it to more users but what is in the best interest of GIMP and its users?


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