Sven Neumann wrote:
> Channels are

saved selection masks. They consist of what could be seen as grayscale
data and are used to store the selection. The top three or four
"channels" that you see in the Channels tab in the user interface
aren't really channels. They just appear there for historical
reasons. Perhaps because Photoshop puts them there as well...

I bet to differ -- the top three or four 'channels' ARE channels, and the rest AREN'T. The rest are, as you describe, 'saved selection masks'. I guess they're historically in the same dialog because Photoshop liked to pretend that saved selection masks were 'auxilliary channels' (barf), and AFAIK practically no-one found a real use for genuine 'auxilliary channels' (probably good for spot colours, but I'm guessing that ironically, Photoshop then proceeded to handle spot colours differently anyway).

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