RaphaŽl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Besides the advantages of being distributed together with the GIMP,
> including a plug-in in the main tree has another advantage: the
> translations.  Currently, it is rather hard for a plug-in distributed
> separately from the GIMP to have good translations in many languages.
> If it is in the main tree, several translators will (have to) work on
> it.  If it is outside, chances are that the developer will not be able
> to get enough people interested in contributing translations.

The vast amount of translatable strings in po-plug-ins is a good
reason not to translate them at all. If we would split plug-ins out
into a number of smaller packages and put these in GNOME CVS, I don't
expect less translations than we have today. Again, it's just a matter
of telling the GTP people about it.

> Note that it would only work with one (or just a few) module in cvs, not
> with dozens of separate modules because it would be more motivating for
> the translators to cover just one new module than having to look at many
> modules containing very few things to translate.  This also takes into
> account the fact that gettext tries to be smart about handling identical
> strings that occur multiple times in the source tree, which makes the
> translators' life easier (sometimes).

Translators are already using tools that share these strings across
different modules so that is not really a valid argument.

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