whenever one reads some of the public forums about GIMP there's one
problem on the Win32 platform that shows up over and over again:

Whenever GIMP or any library that GIMP is using writes something to
stdout/stderr, on Win32 a console window is opened. There is really no
reason a user should ever be presented with whatever GIMP or any of
it's libraries are sending to stdout/stderr. The console window alone
would be annoying and useless enough but the real problem is that
closing this window closes GIMP. So what the user sees is an error
window with a cryptic message and if you close that window, the
application is quit. It is not surprising that the casual user thinks
that GIMP has just crashed.

This little stupidity makes GIMP on Win32 look a lot less stable than
it actually is. The problem is known for years and gets reported over
and over again. Yet noone has ever done anything about it. Why is
that? I don't know enough about the Win32 platform but I simply cannot
imagine that there isn't a simple solution for this. Why doesn't the
Win32 installer setup GIMP in a way that if it is not started from a
terminal window, stdout and stderr are redirected to the digital
dustbin? There got to be an equivalent to /dev/null on Win32.

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