Sven suggested that I direct the mailing list's attention to to see if there were
any ideas about the best way to go about fixing it.  Basically, if you
enter in that you want a 200 mm x 100 mm image using the order that
makes sense (top to bottom, left to right), you enter 200 in width,
100 in height, and then mm for the units.  Unfortunately, if you were
to do that, you would end up with a 17 x 8.5 mm image, since changing
the units causes the width and height to change as well.

Consistancy is a good thing, of course, and in all the other places
where units are used, this is a very nice behavior to have.  But the
new image dialog is different in that there really are no
pre-existing sizes or units, really.  You are entering new ones from

It's not absurd to think of a case where having unit conversion in the
dialog box is useful, but most of the time it's not a desirable
behavior.  Actually, that's being polite.  In reality, it's the kind
of frustrating, annoying thing that I make fun of the stupidity of the
developers when I run across in propriatary code.

There are a couple of ways to fix it that we've discussed on the
bugzilla.  None of them are completely satisfactory.  Does anyone here
have a better idea, or, if not, which of the existing solutions do you
think is best?

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