I would like to add some information about fonts to gimp-help-2, but I'm
hampered by lack of knowledge.  Here is what I know:  In Linux, you can
add a Truetype or Freetype font by putting it in your ~/.fonts directory
or your .gimp-2.0/fonts directory.  

Here is what I would like to know:

1) Can you use other types of fonts in GIMP?  Are there any types for
which special things need to be done?

2) Are there any Linux setups on which GIMP 2.0 or GIMP 2.1 runs but where
you need to do things differently?

3) How do you add fonts in Windows, and what types of fonts can GIMP use

I know enough about the problems people have had with malformed fonts
to be able to give some useful advice, I think (i.e., don't close the
console window that pops up!).  One more question, though:

4) If you want to create special characters (i.e., non-ascii) with the
Text tool, what is the right (and/or easiest) way to do it?

Thanks for any informatin,

  -- Bill


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