GIMP has its share of annoying features, and its share of great features, 
but there are two features that I find especially annoying, and wish I could 
make go away.

1) The fact that selection tools move things if you click inside the
   selection.  Even knowing this perfectly well, I am still bound to
   move things accidentally at least half a dozen times in any long
   GIMPing session.  Even when I get it right, I still have to think
   about it each time I make a selection.  In fact, it actually makes 
   things harder for me more often than it makes things easier.  If, for
   example, I make a rectangle selection too large, I have to first click
   somewhere to remove the selection, instead of just redoing it.  I wish I 
   could just let selection tools select, and move things either with the 
   move tool or by holding down the Alt key. 

2) The fact that Tool Options persist across sessions, which means that
   any unusual option I use for some momentary reason is bound to come
   back to haunt me in a later session.  I wish at least I could set a
   preference so that all tool options would be reset to their defaults
   at the beginning of each session.

I would be happy to file these in Bugzilla, but thought it might be better
to raise the topic here first.

  -- Bill

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