I wrote:
 > > Except that on Windows it's not "or", but "and". Just starting a GUI
 > > application from a command shell in a console window doesn't make its
 > > stderr and stdout connected.

Iago Rubio writes:
 > True, but I think my point of view is still valid. No Windoze app opens
 > a console for output.

Yes. My point was mostly directed to Unix-oriented people to warn them
not to think or advice Windows users that "just start the application
from a command prompt and you will see the output". It isn't that

For instance to see the help text from "gimp --help" on Windows one
has to pipe its output to more. (Currently, with the
console-window-opening still in GLib, the text output appears in a
console window that opens but that then immediately closes when GIMP

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way for a Windows
application to check whether it has actually been started from a
command interpreter in a console window, and not Explorer (so that it
might in that case attach its stdout and stderr to that console
window). Or is there? I can't even find any API to find out the parent
process of a process...?


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