I had recently submitted a bug in Bugzilla for Gimp
Gui "presets" (
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=151538 ),
with something like this in mind. Though I submitted
the bug for presets in general, I was actually
thinking of a "Paint" preset on one hand, and a simple
photo tweaking preset on the other. 

Perhaps you can forward your suggestion to this bug,
in the context of a "Paint" preset, or submit a new
bug for a painting preset? You seem to have a pretty
good idea of what a basic "paint" preset should look
like, after all. If you can include a sketch of what
your ideal layout should look like, so much the
better. This and a help page aimed specifically at the
preset (detailing preset shortcuts and such)would make
Gimp much easier to use for people who just want to
paint with Gimp, while allowing them to quickly switch
to other presets in case they ever want to do other tasks...

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