I just joined this mailing list mainly because I have some cool ideas
about two plugins that I want to realize. I finally have enough
knowlidge and time to do it. This is something I am very eager to do
mainly beacause I want to contribute to this great project, even if it
is this small bit.

However I have encountered a problem. I was looking for a Plugin
development tutorial, and I found some, two from the gimp webpage and
some more googling but the problem with those is they are all outdated
(most of them were for versions 1.1 and  1.2), so I was wondering if
anyone knows the location of something more upto date. It does not
have to be exactly a tutorial, but the plugins I have in mind are
rather complex (at least to me) and I have no idea where to start so
the API will not quite do it.

Thank you in advance,
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