On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 09:26:12PM +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
> Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > well, due to the many concerns about how i made these images, there is
> > now a whole series of pngs/xcfs in this same directory, ending with:
> > http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke4.png where the same selection is used
> > in all three gimp versions.
> > 
> > the selection has been saved in:
> > http://carol.gimp.org/files/stroke4.xcf and simon has made certain that
> > i did not use (even accidentally) different brushes.
> Actually I tried to explain to carol that the in some 2.0 version the
> brush used for stroking is not always the same that is selected in the
> brush dialog. Looking at stroke4.png does not convince me that carol
> really used the brush the thought was using (I think it is bug #150716).
> > simon and mitch are right now discussing changes to the paintcore which
> > might have affected this.  anyone can read this discussion here:
> > http://carol.gimp.org/gallery/journal/gimp-2004-09-25.txt
having been a user of gimp for several years and several versions, i
have a few habits "hardcoded" into my work flow.

for these examples, i actually opened the stroke dialog, closed the
stroke dialog, chose the brush from the brush dialog and then reopened
the stroke dialog, just to be certain.  meaning, i did not even rely on
the dialog noticing that i had changed the brush.

i was quite careful to choose the 7px fuzzy brush also, as i wanted to
compare the "custom stroking" from the top of the dialog with the brush
stroking at the bottom.  i understood that choosing a fuzzy 7 px brush
was not going to look the same; however, i tried to make it as
consistant as possible so i would not waste the time of these valuable
volunteers that work on gimp.

if you have any further questions about the method i used to tell this
dialog which brush to use, i will be more than happy to answer them.

thank you

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