Robert L Krawitz wrote:

If whoever's maintaining the OS X port of the GIMP is reading this,
it's apparently missing a Print plugin.

By: Mark Townsend - marktownsend
Printing from GIMP, OSX 2004-09-26 09:13
I just hope that the answer to this one is not so obvuous that I will be embarassed.

I have been using GIMP Print for some time (Excellent!) and I have now installed GIMP itself. Nowhere can I find any information about how I actually print from GIMP!
The Read Me that came with GIMP says it is handled by GIMP Print but HOW?
There is no print command in any menu and no reference to printing in any help file that I can find.

I tried reinstalling GIMP Print to no avail.

This is somewhat ironic, given that MacOSX Panther comes with gimp-print drivers and libraries installed. (I am assuming that you are talking about gimp-2.0 and MacOSX 10.3. For earlier versions it won't work.) Just make sure that you chose the optional package GimpPrintPrinterDrivers.pkg when you installed your system.

Apple wouldn't be Apple, however, if they hadn't omitted a crucial header file. You need to install gimp-print/gimp-print.h from the gimp-print project at some place where the preprocessor can see it. If you use Fink, install the gimp-print-dev package.


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