Greetings, all.

A tarball of version 0.9.4 of Tiny-Fu is now available at:

This is the first standalone release of Tiny-Fu. In other words, you no
longer need to have the full GIMP source tree available in order to build
Tiny-Fu. My thanks to Sven Neumann for his work in modifying the 0.9.3
release to use the autoconf tools.

Changes since the 0.9.3 release:

o The build process now makes use of the standard GNU autotools eliminating
the need to have the full GIMP source tree available.

o An error message is now generated if the size of an array is different
from the previous argument specifying the size (as suggested by Michael
Natterer). (Fixes bug #154266)

o Temporarily removed the "Browse" button until the needed code is
available via libgimpui (or some other GIMP library).

o The selection-round.scm, and addborder.scm files were updated to the
latest versions used in Script-Fu.

o Some minor code cleanup was done and a memory leak was plugged.


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