we are getting closer to the 2.2 release but there's still a lot of
things that need to be done. This mail will focus on stuff that should
be done for GIMP 2.2 but doesn't need any programming skills. For that
reason I am also addressing the gimp-user list here. We are looking
for contributions on the following tasks:

(1) We will probably want to have a press-release to announce GIMP
    2.2. This is a rather large task but it can be split up into a
    couple of smaller things:

    - Collect a list of changes since GIMP 2.0. This should focus on
      user-visible changes.

    - Collect screenshots of the development version. We can first use
      those for http://developer.gimp.org/screenshots.html and pick
      some nice ones for the press release then.

    - Prepare a list of recipients for the press release.

    - Actually write it and prepare a HTML and a PDF version of it.

(2) Review and complete the API reference manuals. This will probably
    need some programming skills but some simple proof-reading would
    already help a lot. We have tried to keep the API reference
    manuals uptodate during development. We did however often only add
    stubs. What's missing here is at least some short introductions
    into all the new sections that have been added.

    I will try to upload an uptodate snapshot of the docs at
    http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/ later today. It would be very
    nice if we could find a volunteer who could help us to improve the
    docs for 2.2. If you are interested, please let me know.

(3) It would be nice to see a chapter added to the API reference that
    deals with changes between GIMP 2.0 and GIMP 2.2 and how to port a
    plug-in. I am willing to collect the list of changes and such but
    I'd like to get some help with this.

(4) As you already know, the gimp-help project is looking for more
    contributors. The more help content we can get written for 2.2,
    the better.

(5) As always we need people testing the pre-releases that we will
    start to roll out soon.

There's certainly things I forgot. Please tell me about them.

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