Jakub Friedl, adresa do konferenci wrote:

i still cannot understand why you call fireworks a vector only tool.
last tim e i used it was primarily a raster editor. and if i look at
its homepage http://www.macromedia.com/software/fireworks/
it still seems to be capable raster graphic aplication (with vector functions)

ahh ok.... i'm no programmer, at all... just a designer.... Fireworks is referred to as a 'vector graphics tool' by designers, but in fact Adobe Illustrator is closer to that. In the earlier versions (2.0 upwards) it was purely vector, including the painting functions. theseday the MX version includes bitmap editing...

if you can point me in the right direction for people who could design

what about http://www.sodipodi.com/ and http://www.inkscape.org/ ?
those are free worlds vector apps

i'm familiar with sodipodi - its close, but no banana... needs a lot of work, but i'd like to help there too...
havent seen inkscape yet - is it new?


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