The gfig plug-in has been easily modified between 2.0 and now.  I
think it is much more usable now than before, but there are some points
that must be fixed before we could ship it in a stable release.  I've
tried to make a list, and I will certainly open a bugreport about this,
but I would like you to check if I've forgotten something:
- importing a shape doesn't work (nothing happen when choosing the entry)
- it isn't fully HIGed (most notably the menus and some popup windows)
- it brings some strange error message about brushes sometimes
- some drawing options are missing compared to the 2.0 version (the
  'draw' tab of the bottom left notebook)
- it also segfaults from time to time.

  I think all of this can be fixed in a short time, but before jumping
into the source, I would like to know if someone else is (actively)
working on this, and if I've missed some important point.



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