DindinX wrote:
> The gfig plug-in has been easily modified between 2.0 and now.  I
> think it is much more usable now than before, but there are some points
> that must be fixed before we could ship it in a stable release.  I've
> tried to make a list, and I will certainly open a bugreport about this,
> but I would like you to check if I've forgotten something:
> - importing a shape doesn't work (nothing happen when choosing the entry)
> - it isn't fully HIGed (most notably the menus and some popup windows)
> - it brings some strange error message about brushes sometimes
> - some drawing options are missing compared to the 2.0 version (the
>  'draw' tab of the bottom left notebook)
> - it also segfaults from time to time.
>  I think all of this can be fixed in a short time, but before jumping
> into the source, I would like to know if someone else is (actively)
> working on this, and if I've missed some important point. 

As the one who did the modifications, I should respond to this.  My
plan was originally to have gfig in good shape by the 2.2 release, but
I got sidetracked into the (more important, I think) task of writing 
help documentation, and left gfig dangling.  I am going to have little
if any time to devote to GIMP for the next two months at least -- so
I have no objection to anybody else taking over the development.  My
expectation was that gfig would be reverted to the 2.0 version and that
I would take another shot for 2.4 (maybe), but I am quite happy to 
yield control of it.

Regarding things that need to be fixed, in addition to the ones you mentioned
there are a couple more, mainly relating to the fact that
the gfig save file format was radically changed.  Because I never finalized
the format, the layer parasites that gfig creates are marked as nonpersistent,
so that they are not saved in xcf files, which means that gfig layers become
ordinary layers in a saved figure.  This loses one of the main advantages
of the new approach.  The other is that gfig currently can't read save
files in the old format, which would no doubt make some users very unhappy.

Also drawing of polylines is completely broken at the moment.

  -- Bill

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