On Tuesday 26 October 2004 23:35, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
> That sounds promising - I'll look forward to it.
> Again - this is a problem for designers - GIMP requires a lot of reading
> of documentation to find out how the hell you're supposed to do
> something (especially applying layer masks!). Designers don't like
> reading docs - in fact, a lot of us are dyslexic (myself included) -
> dyslexia is a common trait among artists, writers, dancers and
> musicians. If you're interested in the science, it lives in the temporal
> lobe of the brain alongside the artistic capabilities.
> Artists prefer to use the right hand side of the brain, to work
> intuitively. This is why 1.2 in particular was so difficult to work with
> - it was obviously written by coders using the left hand side of the
> brain. 2.0 is a marked improvement as far as intuitivety goes.

The only "intuitive" interface is the nipple. After that, it's all learned.

(Bruce Ediger, [EMAIL PROTECTED], in comp.os.linux.misc, on X interfaces.)

Intuitive for you may mean closer to how Photoshop operate. However, people 
who start their graphics careers with GIMP will get used to it, and will find 
it more intuitive. Then, they'll have difficulty using Photoshop. (that's 
what happened to me and others I know). "Intuitivity" is not really 
"intuitivity" if it means Photoshop-like.


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