OK. I'm unsubscribing.

If people want comments from an artist, thats fine.

If people want to be rude, thats different.

This particular artist respects her right to explore and extend the possibilities of web art, under the Freedom which those of you who I suspect are primarily US citizens would know that the Constitution respects. I design and develop, pushing forward boundaries under my own artistic freedom, and without unsolicited comments disrespecting private email addresses. If you have something to say, say it on-list, is my principle - don't go behind people's backs, and dont disrupt community development by such petty matters.

I came here to give an artist's perspective - and thats what I am, an artist.

I don't give a monkey's whether my site conforms to w3c standards - its a personal site, and it pushes the boundaries of web art. Perhaps the W3C committee will then come to recognise my standards - that is how the progression of art and music has always worked. Theory came later.

I don't wish to give a lame representation of myself as a professional designer by conforming to a rigid set of standards which would lead me to have no clients on my book whatsoever - by developing art, I attract customers. By coming to this list, I hoped to develop our tools so that we could attract designers, who could then help develop our GNU tools and even Internet protocols to support accessibility within an artistic, attractive and, on occasion, a commercially presentable framework. I don't see this yet in the tools we have, and thats why I want to contribute from an artists perspective. But all I've received since I arrived was attack - particularly from a lurker on this list who decided to pick on someone privately about an entirely irrelevant matter.

I'd suggest, very strongly, as this has happened to me before in the GNU/Linux community, that this happened because I used my real, female, name. When I use my alias, iriXx, people assume I'm male, and I never get these problems. The list where this happened, by the way, was linux-audio-dev.

I'm leaving now, as I dont call this development - I call it disappointment.
You could have had the opportunity to have an artist's commentary and some assistance in developing a professional standard tool - you'll have to wait for someone else to come along now. Someone who will put up with unsolicited, unwarranted and rude, sly, behind the back of the list, abuse.

Cc'ed to RMS, who will be very disappointed in the behaviour of this list, as he invited me to help give an artists perspective of the GIMP by joining GIMP-devel in the first place. (The background to this story, for your information, was an unsolicited criticism of my websites in private email, an abuse of the email features of this list).


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