"miriam clinton (iriXx)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> My point is exactly the same as yours - I was receiving unpleasant and
> unsolicited mail off-list, and wished to draw such abuse of the list
> to the attention of the list manager. I do not want to keep receiving
> abuse off-list, and the best way to put this to an end, and to make
> such abuse of list addresses cease, was to make such practises known
> on-list.

The only abuse that has happened here was when you forwarded a private
conversation to the mailing list. This is considered very impolite and
doing so repeatedly may get you kicked from the list.

> Given his behaviour, though, it has left a sour taste in my mouth
> about contributing to GNU projects at all, if this is the kind of
> response I get - unsolicited criticism of projects irrelevant to the
> subject at hand.

Please keep this from the mailing list. You received, in private
email, some (in my opinion very polite) criticsm about your personal
web pages. That does clearly not belong here at all.

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