> email addresses. If you have something to say, say it on-list, is my
> principle - don't go behind people's backs, and dont disrupt community

the principle is to stay on topic when sending messages to the list.
commenting on your personal site is not this lists topic.

> I don't give a monkey's whether my site conforms to w3c standards - its
> a personal site, and it pushes the boundaries of web art. Perhaps the
> W3C committee will then come to recognise my standards - that is how the
> progression of art and music has always worked. Theory came later.

you probably should pay more attentions to standards - if you are
interested in free software. because free software browsers denpends
on standards heavily. making sites non compliant to standards can make
them inaccessible to people using free software (an other  non free
software too). however i do not know if your site is this case. i
didnt check it enough. however Jonathans comment about your site was
very polite and friendly and i do not get why you are so angry about
it. you have the right to do your site in whatever way you choose, its
visitors have the right to comment about it.

and to cite from your own site: "Please feel free to get in contact
with me should you have any comments or issues which you would like to
> arrived was attack - particularly from a lurker on this list who decided
> to pick on someone privately about an entirely irrelevant matter.

he didnt attack you at all
> I'd suggest, very strongly, as this has happened to me before in the
> GNU/Linux community, that this happened because I used my real, female,
> name. When I use my alias, iriXx, people assume I'm male, and I never
> get these problems. The list where this happened, by the way, was
> linux-audio-dev.

there are many more girls in the GNU community and there are no problems.

> You could have had the opportunity to have an artist's commentary and
> some assistance in developing a professional standard tool - you'll have

there are more graphics professionals on the list. it doesnt mean your
comments are not needed. just do not get angry when there is no reason
for it.

> for your information, was an unsolicited criticism of my websites in
> private email, an abuse of the email features of this list).

the only abuse is this offtopic conversation without any real reason.
people be please more tolerant to each other.

Jakub Friedl
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