miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:

If you have something to say, say it on-list, is my principle - don't go behind people's backs, and dont disrupt community development by such petty matters.

I'm afraid you should have applied this to your first off-topic post.

I don't wish to give a lame representation of myself as a professional designer by conforming to a rigid set of standards which would lead me to have no clients on my book whatsoever - by developing art, I attract customers.

So that's where the first misunderstanding comes from.
W3C standards have nothing to do with visual prensentation. You can have the visual part of your website stay exactly the same as it is now, but also comply with standards.
Of course ignoring standards can be your choice, that will just mean that many people may not see your website correctly (mainly people who like to use open-source software the more they can).

I'd suggest, very strongly, as this has happened to me before in the GNU/Linux community, that this happened because I used my real, female, name. When I use my alias, iriXx, people assume I'm male, and I never get these problems. The list where this happened, by the way, was linux-audio-dev.

Don't ever suggest that without any data to back you up, that is exactly the way to make people think "women over-exaggerate things, don't take them seriously". I can't tell anything about your linux-audio-dev experience, but don't make it sound dubious by this kind of suggestion. With the e-mails that were revealed it is plain obvious that you feminity had absolutely nothing to do with the matter.

Cc'ed to RMS, who will be very disappointed in the behaviour of this list, as he invited me to help give an artists perspective of the GIMP by joining GIMP-devel in the first place. (The background to this story, for your information, was an unsolicited criticism of my websites in private email, an abuse of the email features of this list).

Don't post with private e-mails if you don't want to be contacted this way.
Don't promote your work in your public e-mails if you don't want 'unknown people' to look at it and give a feedback.

You came here to criticize the Gimp (which means give feedback on your experience with it), and you were hoping to help it improve this way. Sad you didn't see it the same way when criticism was made to your artistic work.

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