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I'd suggest, very strongly, as this has happened to me before in the GNU/Linux community, that this happened because I used my real, female, name. When I use my alias, iriXx, people assume I'm male, and I never get these problems. The list where this happened, by the way, was linux-audio-dev.

i highly recommend subscribing to the new chix list, although it was set
up to help females begin with linux without the fear of some of the rude
answers you can get from seasoned and busy developers -- and you
received some very nice email from some of the very important developers

it is always good, in any environment -- one you are being paid in and
one you are volunteering in (it makes no difference) to see who is in
charge and actually doing the work. then pay careful attention to their

i dont want to lose any savvy women from the community.  there is
somewhat of a pact, however, to use free software from the ground up.
this is very difficult as well.  the purists, like richard, stop before
the pixels draw into the pictures your screen displays, because
technically speaking, the X Server is not free.  if you are going to
"copyleft" something, and your page does not work in copyleft browsers,
you are not helping.  not a critism, a fact.

the new chix list can be found at: they can help you learn how to run free
software. in that non-rude environment, please remember that there are
several people on that list (like this one) who have been in "the design
world" and "published authors" and writing computer software for a very
very long time. show the respect that you would like to receive.

once in linuxchix. i left. its full of feminists who hate men.

nuff sed.

i stay subbed to the techtalk section, it was the only sane bit - interestingly, the only bit with men contributing.

sorry, you're teaching granny to suck eggs - i did this three years ago.
i'm no n00b.

over and out.


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