Hello everyone,

So time has come to start thinking about the information provided on the
website before the 2.2 release is out. The first thing that is needed is
some information on how to update from 2.0 to 2.2 and how to have 2.0
and 2.2(-preX) installed side-by-side.

This is a great time for everyone that wants to help with the website to
come forward and help. If you are interested then join the gimp-web list
and help to start discussions and even help with the information on the

As all may understand what the main reason is for the updates is to keep
up-to-date with the application itself and so we need to start thinking
about making 2.0 information into 2.2.

At the moment I do not have a list of TODOs but I am sure with this mail
that we all can start discussing the different places that needs
updating and what would be good to add to the site. 

Right now we just need to start thinking about the information that
needs updating and not adding new sections etc. So please come with
ideas and help us to get a even better website then it was before.

Niklas Mattisson <scizzoNOSPAM-at-gimp-dot-org>

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