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>  show the respect that you would like to receive.

That would have worked here in the first place.
Comments such as below does not show any respect to people
who write these software.

  >From: "miriam clinton (iriXx)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  >Artists prefer to use the right hand side of the brain, to work 
  >intuitively. This is why 1.2 in particular was so difficult to work with 
  >- it was obviously written by coders using the left hand side of the 

It leads absolutely nowhere. Better would be to think why such
strong frustation. I think there is no cure for it. Best would
be if Miriam and other frustated users would start writing a document
on these issues. Mails are forgotten pretty quickly but a document
not. Coders then could take a look at the doc whenever they want,
nothing would be pushed like in these mails.

Hey, we already saw that Jonathan's mails were ok, but Miriam still
continues making false claims on them. I'm sure Gimp would benefit
most from artists who have team-worker's attitude instead.

>also, please consider that richard was flirting.  it is free software so

Stallman? Have you mixed up the names? Richard was only recommending to
join the gimp-developer list.

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