I will want to upload gimp-2.2.0-pre1 later today and did a quick
check at ftp.gimp.org to see if there's sufficient space left. It
appears that the remaining 39MB might be just enough for the release,
but I don't think it's a good idea to not have any space left after
the first pre-release.

A simple way to make some free space is to delete old cruft. And
indeed there's quite some old cruft on ftp.gimp.org. On the other hand
I don't really like the idea of deleting data that could one day be of
interest for historical reasons. So my suggestion is to do the
following: Write a script that checks if the same tarball exists as
.tar.gz and .tar.bz2 and delete the .tar.gz (or the other one, I don't
know). That should give us several hundreds of megabytes space w/o
actually removing any content. For now it should be sufficient to run
that script on the following directories:


I would also suggest to reorganize the content in these directories.
At the moment we have pub/gimp/v0.99/v0.99.31 and pub/gimp/v0.99/old/
which contains all the other versions. Since all these are old now, I
suggest to move the directories from old one level up and get rid of
the old directory. The same change should be done to v1.1. That would
also bring it in sync with v1.3.

The main reason I am writing this mail is to give you a chance to
object and to give you a chance to volunteer to write that script.

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