Here is the script to del the gz files were there are equivalent .bz2.

You probably will want to understand it before running - the "walk" 
function behavior is documented here:


On Sunday 31 October 2004 10:22, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> I will want to upload gimp-2.2.0-pre1 later today and did a quick
> check at to see if there's sufficient space left. It
> appears that the remaining 39MB might be just enough for the
> release, but I don't think it's a good idea to not have any space
> left after the first pre-release.
> A simple way to make some free space is to delete old cruft. And
> indeed there's quite some old cruft on On the other
> hand I don't really like the idea of deleting data that could one
> day be of interest for historical reasons. So my suggestion is to
> do the following: Write a script that checks if the same tarball
> exists as .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 and delete the .tar.gz (or the other
> one, I don't know). That should give us several hundreds of
> megabytes space w/o actually removing any content. For now it
> should be sufficient to run that script on the following
> directories:
>  pub/gimp/v0.99
>  pub/gimp/v1.1
>  pub/gimp/v1.3
> I would also suggest to reorganize the content in these
> directories. At the moment we have pub/gimp/v0.99/v0.99.31 and
> pub/gimp/v0.99/old/ which contains all the other versions. Since
> all these are old now, I suggest to move the directories from old
> one level up and get rid of the old directory. The same change
> should be done to v1.1. That would also bring it in sync with v1.3.
> The main reason I am writing this mail is to give you a chance to
> object and to give you a chance to volunteer to write that script.
> Sven
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