> 1-To be able to work drag'n'drop with layers.  In fotoshop, you can
> drag and drop entire images, or selections, to other images. No need
> to make new layer, copy and paste, and anchor. The dragged image or
> selection will stay as independent layer in new image, until
> choosing to flatten image. Much easier, and something I hope for in
> the gimp!

GIMP has had very good DND support for quite a while. GIMP 2.2
improves it even further. Perhaps you just didn't try to drag things
around yet?

> 3-To be able to change perspective with crop tool.  In fotoshop you
> may make selection with the crop tool, and then rotate that
> selection before cropping. Choosing perspective doing so, you may
> follow for example lines of buildings, so as not to appear
> falling backwards as they go up. When cropping, the image will
> be following the lines, but forced back to a square image.

I don't see how perspective transformations are related to the Crop
tool. If you want to correct perspective, use the perspective
transform tool in Corrective mode. You can then align the grid with
the lines that should be corrected.

> 4-To have an image view browser When opening images to work with,
> it's much better to be able to see small thumbnails of all the
> images in a folder. The Gimp will only (and not always) show
> previews of images one by one. In this way I depend on having to
> pick and choose the right images from other programs first. So I
> hope for an image view browser in the Gimp!

What would an image browser in GIMP be good for if there are lots of
image browsers that you can use? Just drag the images in from your
favorite image browser or configure it to use gimp-remote to load the
image directly into GIMP. I don't see why we should waste GIMP
developer resources on something that is already available.

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